Roving Stage Productions Ltd.
128 Lower Baggot St.
Dublin 2



Ivanka Hahnenberger, founder and Managing Director

Ivanka Hahnenberger started her professional career as an investment-banking analyst and international commercial bank auditor for Chase Manhattan Bank. She made the leap to freelance production accounting and then to associate producer for production companies on projects such as Star Trek V. In 1987 she founded Roving Stage productions, New York. RSPNYC services included production accounting, consulting, associate producing and producing. Projects included Star Trek V and Models (Canal+).
In 1991 she moved to Germany and produced commercials, live television and animation and eventually specialized in animation. For the next ten years she worked as head of animation for companies in Cologne, Paris and Mainz. In 2001 she established Roving Stage Productions Ltd based out of Ireland and Paris.

Barry Hilton, Consultant to the Board

Barry started his career as an internal auditor in the UK National Health Service in the early 1980's as part of the systems and fraud department. He has held a number of senior financial positions during his career to date within small UK companies and has been actively involved in a number of business start-up operations. With a detailed knowledge of Intellectual Property, Barry has also represented publishing companies and service companies within the Entertainment industry either as CEO or consultant and continues to advise several small companies in this area. He is currently the CEO of growing leisure company Spice Inns Limited.

Isabelle King
(COO- RSP Mobile)
has built her career through experience in sales, accounting, management and operations. After many years on the sales force at CSR in Australia, Isabelle moved to Europe where she amongst other jobs restored a castle in the south of France before she settled on accounting for small businesses. In 1997 she and her husband Tony King created Micro-King an IT consultancy and complete provider of computer, networking and web-based solutions. Isabelle as General and Operations Manager has helped built the business into a solid dependable bi-lingual IT service company in Paris and Barcelona. In 2001 she opened the web division of Micro-King. Today she runs operations and the web and wap design division of RSP for clients in Europe and Australia.


Andy Weltman - Executive producer/Producer - Feature films

Cheryl Rave - Executive Producer/Producer Film & TV, Special Events Producer

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